Ducray dermatological Laboratories launches a free app to help people living with eczema

10 February 2017

Eczema affects almost 1 in 10 adults in France and is the most prevalent skin disease. Although it is a “common” pathology, this does not mean it is easy to live with. So how can “living with eczema” be improved? This was the question that DUCRAY Dermatological Laboratories asked themselves, to which they responded with a mobile app:DERMOCONTROL® by DUCRAY.

This innovative app has been developed in partnership with l’Association Française de l'Eczéma, (the French eczema association), la Fondation pour la dermatite atopique (the Pierre Fabre Group foundation for atopic dermatitis) and le Réseau National de Surveillance Aérobiologique (R.N.S.A) (French national network of aerobiological monitoring.

To design this app, Ducray and its partners spoke directly to people suffering from eczema. Their involvement was key, they described their daily difficulties and their hopes for improvements in monitoring and treating the disease. 

With this app, people suffering from eczema will now be able to:

  • MEASURE the severity of their eczema using a system of periodic self-assessments
  • UNDERSTAND exactly what eczema is and how to cope with it better, thanks to articles and personalized advice
  • IMPROVE their medical follow-up by regularly showing their physician a logbook built into the app
  • CONTRIBUTE to improving knowledge on eczema by participating in an epidemiological study (anonymously and only if the patient wants to)


Download the DERMOCONTROL® by DUCRAY application now on the Apple and Google stores:



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