Feelcaps, to promote physical activity among cancer patients

15 June 2018

Launched in 2016 by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, with two types of content - “Diabetes and urinary disorders” - the first fun, dynamic online service known as “FeelCaps” is getting a third section, “Oncology,” specially geared to people suffering from cancer.

Striking the balance between e-learning and serious-game, this innovative service aims to raise awareness among patients about the many benefits of regular physical activity, to help improve the way illnesses, especially cancer, are treated and boost the feeling of wellness in everyday life. Some 700 doctors in France already recommend the service to patients suffering from a chronic illness.

The content is carefully put together by Dr. Sophie Abadie-Lacourtoisie, an Oncologist at the Uni-Cancer Center in Angers: The goal is to make patients aware that physical activity is essential, to get them into the habit of keeping active and stimulate their motivation. FeelCaps is a smart application that gets patients to take up physical activity in a fun way, with the support of health care professionals as well as their close friends and family. Each patient has the chance to see for themselves that physical activity is an essential form of therapy that is intricately linked with the way their pathology is treated. Once they have registered their patient with FeelCaps, doctors can then monitor their progress. It’s not about becoming a great sportsperson - the aim is simply to carry out moderate to intense physical exercise every day, which is enough to achieve good results.

FeelCaps Oncology, an updated online educational platform to improve understanding about the benefits of regular physical activity

FeelCaps was set up to make users aware of the benefits of carrying out a physical activity suited to their health, followed by a pathology-based service, to prove how effective keeping active is as a part of treating their pathology. Studies have shown the effectiveness of physical activity during treatment and as a way of reducing the risk of relapse, especially in the case of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.

How does it work?

In practical terms, the health care professional registers his or her patient on the platform. Patients then receive their codes that lets them log on to the application directly. They are then “invited” to a leisure club offering various activities (walking, outings, workshops, guided tours, etc.), during which they discover the benefits for their health. The many activities and quizzes offered by the application aim to improve patients’ understanding of their illness (description, symptoms, risk factors, complications, treatments, etc.) and help them become aware of the crucial role played by physical activity alongside their treatments. They will discover that carrying out regular physical activity releases so-called happiness hormones and improves concentration and self-esteem, as well as boosting the efficacy of certain treatments. Health care professionals alone will be able to monitor the progress of their patients’ physical activity adapted to their case.

Providing a useful, relevant service that meets the expectations of patients with a chronic illness who are looking to carry out regular physical activity to improve their health is perfectly in line with the mission of Pierre Fabre Group: "Caring for the human being as a whole." That commitment covers the provision of health care products, but also includes public health actions such as the corporate support we provided for the first national “Physical Exercise and Cancer” workshop held on June 8,” explained Christophe Pignier, Medical Director, France, for Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals.

To find out more about the first "Physical Exercise and Cancer” workshop 


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