Graduate Program Marketing: a close collaboration between the educational system and business

25 March 2017

The Graduate Program MARKETING, a diploma course given through a partnership between Pierre Fabre Laboratories and the Toulouse Business School, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The objective of this program is to provide practical training tailored to the corporate culture and professions of the Pierre Fabre Group, based on the skills of the Toulouse Business School, with the aim of ensuring the acquisition and transmission of knowledge over time.

This training is addressed to future product managers who have completed their first experience (internship, work-study placement contract, etc.) in one of the Group’s subsidiaries and to medical-marketing managers who have just been recruited on permanent contracts.

Over the past 10 years, the Graduate Program MARKETING has trained 95 people in connection with 24 countries. 65% are now employed in the company and use their knowledge and learning in marketing professions.

This ambitious and strategic project is unique in the profession. It is the perfect illustration of a close collaboration between the education system and business, enabling the training offer to be tailored to company needs and promoting the professional integration of young people into the world of work.
Gilles Vaillant, Director of Pierre Fabre University and François Bonvalet, Director of the Toulouse Business School.

Pierre Fabre University 

Pierre Fabre University is responsible for deploying the Pierre Fabre Group’s training policy, with the following main tasks:

  • Propose a training offer with an international dimension, with highly competitive training courses and Corporate programs (Marketing, Finance, Digital, Audit, etc.) to prepare the talents of tomorrow
  • Drive the evolution of professions and organizations by implementing collective or individual training courses to meet their specific needs 
  • Develop digital learning to make training accessible to all our employees, all over the world

Pierre Fabre University trains more than a thousand employees each year and deploys 160,000 hours of training.