How can we improve quality of life for patients undergoing cancer treatment?

December 17, 2014

This question was the focus of a day event held on December 5, 2014 by Pierre Fabre Laboratories. It was attended by 70 hospital pharmacists and took place on our Toulouse-Oncopole (Langlade) site. The theme was "support care in oncology, from today's situation to future possibilities."      

The aim of this day was to get hospital pharmacists to reflect on the place of support care within hospitals and the role of pharmacists in caring for the patient between hospital visits and non-hospital care. Support care can be defined as "all treatments and support required by patients throughout their illness, in conjunction with specific treatments." 

These treatments can be used to address the effects of the illness and its treatments, whether physical, psychological, or social, in order to help the patient and their loved ones cope with their illness. 

Several issues were addressed during the day: 

  • the contribution of the National Cancer Plan III to improving quality of life through support care 
  • the role of pharmacists in developing this care during the patient's personal journey 
  • financing for support care: possibilities and players 
  • dealing with the effects of cancer treatments on the skin and mucus membranes
  • experiences regarding the organization and coordination of support care.

Pierre Fabre Laboratories is committed to helping optimize health care for cancer patients and to recognizing the importance of support care in improving their quality of life.