Sustainable development

How can we reconcile value creation and biodiversity?

February 16, 2015

Pierre Fabre Laboratories presented their access strategy for biodiversity and the value creation associated with it at the 17th Meeting of the Forum des Agriculteurs Responsables Respectueux de l’Environnement (Forum for Responsible Eco-Friendly Farming).

Forum des Agriculteurs Responsables Respectueux de l'Environnement (FARRE) was created to promote integrated farming and related good practices while safeguarding financial viability. It is an exchange forum bringing together different stakeholders in the world of agriculture.

Alexandre Panel, Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre manager, was invited to present our actions for the promotion of biodiversity from both a conservation and an economic value creation standpoint.
At Pierre Fabre, 35-40% of total sales revenue comes from the commercialization of products whose active ingredients are plant-based.
Some of the Group’s major actions in France and Madagascar were presented to the other participants.

In France, at the Terre d’Avoine site:

  • farming of plots using organic methods by a High Environmental Value-certified agricultural organization
  • installation of beehives to boost pollination and thus agricultural production
  • planting hedgerows in order to combat erosion, contribute to improving the quality of water in rivers and increase the biodiversity of the local wild flora and fauna.

In Madagascar:

  • establishment of an arboretum to preserve endemic species in the south of Madagascar
  • education of local populations on taking advantage of biodiversity for health and nutrition
  • implementation of reforestation activities to encourage diversification of existing plant species and the creation of economic value for local populations. 
Gilles Boeuf, president of the National Natural History Museum and valued speaker at this 17th Meeting, in fact emphasized that biodiversity is not reserved exclusively for conservation actions. Biodiversity is also used by companies like Pierre Fabre, who contribute to conferring value upon it, a prerequisite for educating society at large on its importance.

For more information, click here to see Alexandre Panel's presentation (in French)