Important industrial subcontracting contracts at the Pau and Aignan sites

February 4, 2014

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre make their industrial expertise in the development and manufacture of active principles and pharmaceutical products available to other pharmaceutical laboratories. This applies in particular to Aignan where a new production system was launched recently, and Pau where a new contract has just been signed.

Two years after signing a manufacturing contract with the Italian laboratory Angelini for the manufacture of lozenges, the boiled sweets production unit at Aignan started its first production last December.
This project required an investment of 2 million euros, for the creation of a new packaging plant specifically for Tantum Verde©, whose throat lozenges are presented in the form of sticks. The 5-year contract provides for the manufacture of 20 million units a year at the Aignan site.
The Pierre Fabre site at Aignan has since developed, manufactured and packaged boiled sweets in a pharmaceutical environment. In 2008 the site invested in a new continuous production line for boiled sweets, enabling it to triple its capacity and offer a process more appropriate for sensitive molecules. It is currently the only site of this kind in France.

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre have also signed, at the Pau aseptic and cytotoxic production site, a manufacturing contract with the Swiss laboratory Roche for the production of Cellcept, used to prevent graft rejection.
This 5-year contract provides for the manufacture of 0.5 to 1 million bottles a year for Europe and the United States. The product, packaged in bottles in freeze-dried form, will be manufactured in plants dedicated to making very high added value products.
The Pierre Fabre site in Pau is dedicated to the manufacture of high added value injectables. It specialises in the aseptic packaging using isolators of cytotoxic and biotechnological anti-cancer products, in bottles in liquid or freeze-dried form, and in pre-filled syringes.


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