On the winner’s podium for supplier relations

January 27, 2016

The results of the OpinionWay survey published on January 21, 2016 in the magazine Challenges recognized our efforts in developing lasting and fair relationships with our suppliers in line with our Group Purchasing Charter.

Pierre Fabre: a bright star in customer-supplier relations

Our company has taken second place on the winner’s podium in the customer-supplier relations ranking from OpinionWay*. Jointly led by OpinionWay, Médiation Inter-entreprises and CroissancePlus, and addressed to 55,000 suppliers of major French companies, the assessment measured the quality of relationships between 79 national contractors and their suppliers, often SMEs.

For the record, “the quality of the customer-supplier relationship holds the balance of the commercial relationship. To establish productive collaboration, it is essential to create a partnership based on reciprocal trust.”

In order to assess this relationship, the market research organization surveyed suppliers on two points:

  • The quality of the relationship with customers
  • The meeting of payment deadlines



OpinionWay study: “Assessment of major companies by their suppliers”, January 2016 

Remarkable progress between 2013 and 2015

In 2013, for the first year of the survey, Pierre Fabre took 16th place. It was an encouraging first result which placed the group in the top quarter of the rankings.

With this new review our Group has finished in 2nd place, between AirLiquide (1st place) and Lafarge (3rd place). In a mere two years we have moved up 14 places.

The company has made particular progress in the “supplier relations index” while remaining at the same level for the “meeting of payment deadlines index”. 

The result of a responsible purchasing policy

The result recognizes our efforts in developing lasting and fair relationships with our suppliers in line with our Group Purchasing Charter. The charter defines the rules of practice which guide the conduct of our buyers and govern relationships with our suppliers.

In addition, since 2011 our company has subscribed to the Médiation du Crédit (Credit Mediation Office) and CDAF (French Managers’ and Purchasers’ Association) charter. Known as the “Ten commitments for responsible purchasing”, it groups together the best practices in terms of relations between major contractors and SMEs. 

Efforts still to be made in meeting payment deadlines

Overall (all suppliers included) the results of the survey revealed a slight improvement in the quality of customer-supplier relations but high expectations regarding meeting payment deadlines.

You can find the study (in French) at

*Evaluation des grandes entreprises par leurs fournisseurs (Assessment of major companies by their suppliers) – OpinionWay/Médiation Inter-entreprises/CroissancePlus