Oncology: Pierre Fabre sponsors the Bourgine Prize

February 6, 2014

The 2014 Raymond Bourgine Prize was awarded yesterday to Pr Paul Workman for his work in the field of cancer biology.

Awarded since 1993 and sponsored by Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, the Raymond Bourgine Prize is aimed at supporting cancer research activities. It is dedicated to the memory of Raymond Bourgine, who himself died of cancer. Raymond Bourgine wanted to provide his support to the International Congress on anti-cancer treatments, organised by cancer specialist Pr David Khayat, who was awarded the Foundation’s prize in 2010 for medical research, and was author of the first anti-cancer plan announced by President Jacques Chirac in 2002.

The 2014 prize was awarded by Pr David Khayat to Pr Paul Workman for his research work in the field of cancer biology. Pr Paul Workman is Deputy General Manager of London’s Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), Head of the cancer therapy division and Professor of pharmacology and therapy at Harrap.

I am truly honoured and delighted to receive this important prize which has already been received by numerous celebrities of renown in the oncology world. It represents an important recognition for my research and I extend my gratitude to all the talented members of the laboratory, colleagues and staff. This prize provides motivation to work even harder and discover new treatments for cancer patients. [...] I am particularly enthusiastic with regard to prospects for customized medicine based on the sequencing of cancer genomes in patients, said the award-winner.

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