Sustainable development

Our agriculture in harmony with high “culture”

April 26, 2016

Rhealba® oats, Cornflower, Calendula, Nasturtium, Flaxseed, Acanthus, Lemon balm, Melilotus, Helichrysum Italicum, are among the many flowers, scents and colors that the Pierre Fabre Group and its agronomists cultivate with the utmost care. These small wonders of nature grow on our own farmland, while constantly respecting the environment and biodiversity.

Renewal of High Environmental Value certification

As a reminder, HVE (High Environmental Value) certification recognizes and promotes French farming operations engaged in environmentally-friendly initiatives.

In 2013, Pierre Fabre was the first farming operation from the Tarn to receive HVE certification determined by the French Ministry of Agriculture. From its initial certification, the Group had achieved Level 3, the highest. Today, only 300 farms in France are certified at Level 3 (source:

Initiatives recognized and promoted

The Group recently renewed this certification in April 2016. It has reinforced its Level 3, which reflects our initiatives in:

  • agroforestry (planting more than 1,500 trees for the A-DERMA brand),
  • agroecology (expanding plant cover to protect the soil)
  • biodiversity (diversity of crops, beehives, birdhouses, planting nectar-producing plants, etc.).

Carried out as part of the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise approach, this certification is yet another recognition of the company’s environmentally beneficial practices within its supply chains for plants grown in France.