Sustainable development

Our local cultivation of Helichrysum highlighted by the State Secretariat for Biodiversity

24 October 2016

The organic cultivation of Italian Helichrysum in the Tarn is part of the activities presented on the “La Biodiv’ en action” [Biodiv’ in action] platform which was launched on October 4 by Barbara Pompili, Secretary of State responsible for Biodiversity.  



“La Biodiv’ en action” is a database highlighting local initiatives that support the preservation and recovery of biodiversity. According to the Secretariat, biodiversity should become a daily concern for French people, through greater recognition of the developments implemented by associations, schools, local authorities and companies. Although the climate issue is now on everyone’s mind, the issue of biodiversity remains considerably underestimated.

Action is being taken across the country and the content of this site aims to highlight these activities in order to encourage everyone to take action. Three fields are represented:

  • education on nature
  • nature in urban areas
  • the economy

Information about the activities is relayed to the general public through the regional press.

The Group began the organic cultivation of Italian Helichrysum in 2014 at the request of our brand Naturactive. This cultivation uses organic farming techniques on an agricultural plot of over 7 ha with High Environmental Value certification


Our “Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre” approach enables the Group to manage the dependence of its activities on biodiversity (almost 40% of sales come from plant extracts). This dynamic has now been noticed by the State Secretariat for Biodiversity (attached to the French Ministry for Environment) through the example of the cultivation of Helichrysum.