Pierre Fabre: a new partner in the UNICANCER* ESME program

November 10, 2015

Pierre Fabre has made a commitment to the ESME (Epidemio-Strategy-Medico-Economic) program as a new partner. The unique database established by the UNICANCER R&D Department in 2014 records “real-life” data on the treatment of 14,000 patients. It is an opportunity for Pierre Fabre to underpin its knowledge on the efficacy and tolerance of its chemotherapy drugs in metastatic breast cancer.


A wealth of information to support cancer research

In 2014 the UNICANCER R&D Department, the top national academic clinical cancer research structure in France, established a database related to the disease and treatment of 20,000 patients suffering from metastatic breast cancer who were treated between 2008 and 2013. The unique database, dubbed “ESME”, enables “real-life” data to be gathered (information on the treatment, monitoring and characteristics of patients’ tumors). The data is vital to assess the impact of therapeutic strategies in metastatic breast cancer, measure the effectiveness of the care pathway and guarantee economically responsible therapeutic treatment. It is also a wealth of information to support a better understanding of drug side effects or treatment combinations and to compare different therapeutic strategies for the same pathology. 
The completely independent database is managed solely by UNICANCER, and the organization has assigned a dedicated team to the program.

An invaluable partner for better knowledge of treatment strategies

In practice, UNICANCER R&D is responsible for the ESME program and can answer questions from Pierre Fabre Laboratories by searching the database and retrieving invaluable answers and information for a better understanding of treatment strategies. 
To date, Roche, Pfizer and Pierre Fabre are UNICANCER’s three partners in the ESME program metastatic Breast which continues over the next five years to include a total of almost 40,000 patients.

Other ESME programs on other pathologies should emerge soon.

*UNICANCER brings together together 18 centers in the fight against cancer in France. Its three essential missions are patient care, treatment team training and research.


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