Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals rewards therapeutic innovation

July 30, 2014

During the International Workshops on therapeutic chemistry which took place from July 2 to 4 in Rouen (France), Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals presented the first "Pierre Fabre for Therapeutic innovation" award.

Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals, in partnership with the Company for Therapeutic Chemistry (Société de Chimie Thérapeutique), has created the Pierre Fabre for Therapeutic Innovation award to reward an innovative and decisive action, outstanding technology with a high potential for therapeutic innovation.

The award was presented for the first time at the 50th International Workshop on therapeutic chemistry to Sébastien Papot MD from the University of Poitiers for his contribution to the discovery of "intelligent molecules" capable of recognizing and destroying cancerous tumors, and for his entrepreneurial and unifying energy.

The therapeutic efficacy of the chemical systems developed shows results far superior to conventional treatments and without side effects, points out Sébastien Papot.

Sébastien Papot, researcher at the Institute of Chemistry of Materials and Natural Resources at the University of Poitiers (IC2MP), is at the head of the Programmed molecular systems group of the IC2MP Synthesis team. Today they want to circulate their research results as widely as possible to allow their discoveries to be pursued through networks.