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Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals supports the "Sports Club Health Wellness" charter

October 15, 2014

The French Federation Sports for All has launched, in partnership with Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals, the first "Sports Club Health Wellness" charter, to encourage the regular participation in physical activity for the most sedentary or chronically ill people.

In July 2013, Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals established a partnership with the French Federation Sports for All, to promote physical activity as a non-drug based therapy.

15 million people suffer from chronic disease in France. Regular participation in sports to prevent these chronic diseases is one of the recommendations of the French Health Authority (HAS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) which recommends it as a non-drug based therapy.

Nevertheless, offering athletic activities to sedentary people or those with a chronic disease requires supervision adapted by professionals. The French federation Sports for All, with its 210,000 members and 3,100 member clubs throughout France, has developed and implemented innovative programs specifically tailored to these people.

To promote this effort, the Federation is launching the first "Sports Club Health Wellness" charter to its member clubs this year. This charter, in the form of 10 concrete commitments, distinguishes the member Clubs who utilize it as being suitable for offering physical activities to sedentary people or those with chronic illnesses.

Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals has committed, alongside the Federation, to publicize and recognize the "Sports Club Health Wellness" charter with health professionals. In order to achieve this, the following actions will be implemented in the coming months: 

• Publishing directories of charter signatory clubs by region
You can find these online directories at the Mon Partenaire Santé website, in the type 2 diabetes section

• Producing evaluation forms given to patients by doctors, allowing them to report on their daily physical activity over the course of one month 

• An awareness campaign among health professionals via promotions and informational documents distributed at Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals booths at conferences and trade fairs

 2 free sessions at a Federation club. The doctor can give their patient a card, which allows them access to a club near their home for two free "discovery" sessions in the physical activity of their choice.

  You can find the Sports Health Wellness programs at  www.sportspourtous.org.