Pierre Fabre supports cosmetic innovation and is a partner of the 9th edition of U’Cosmetics

21 February 2018

The 9th edition of U’Cosmetics will take place on March 15th in Guingamp, France and will be centered around the theme of “upcycling.” Organized by the Northern Brittany UCO campus (Catholic University of the West), this one-of-a-kind event combines a cosmetic formulation competition for students (unique in France) with a professional conference. A close look at the 2018 edition, of which Pierre Fabre is a partner.  


The Pierre Fabre Group, a fantastic partner

For this 9th edition, the Pierre Fabre Group is a Gold Partner, alongside Greentech, a pioneer in plant-based biotechnology.

Pierre Fabre Group’s Galénic brand is also supporting this initiative as a Bronze Partner.

Supporting U’Cosmetics is completely consistent with the objectives of the Pierre Fabre Group: to be as close as possible to the formulator talents of tomorrow and to drive innovation,” said Stéphane Poigny, director of the Cosmetic Active Ingredients Research department at Pierre Fabre, and jury chairperson for the U’Cosmetics student competition. 

A student competition in which Galénic presents awards to the “Master Formulators” of tomorrow

The student competition is open to all schools working in the fields of formulation, marketing or cosmetology. Four prizes will be awarded to winners:  

  • 2 formulation innovation prizes
  • 1 innovative concept prize
  • 1 jury’s favorite prize

The Galénic brand, whose origins lie in the skill and expertise of “Master Formulators,” will award the first prize for formulation innovation.

A professional conference on upcycling, or creative recycling

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” Cosmetic upcycling consists in upgrading raw materials and unused biomass, and salvaging them to transform them into personalized, innovative products...

This approach is close to the hearts of the Galénic “Master Formulators” behind the “Confort Suprême” collection, a range composed of upcycled anti-aging active ingredients: argan peptides. This key ingredient is obtained through the transformation (enzymatic hydrolysis) of argan press cake, which is the solid residue that remains after extracting argan oil.