Ready, set, go! the two-month incubation kicks off for the 3 winners of the Uro-Tech Challenge, the urology Hackathon

31 January 2017

Pierre Fabre organized its first Hackathon dedicated to urology at the Health Communication Festival on November 25 and 26, 2016. This first edition brought together nearly 40 expert developers, designers, marketers, IT services companies, start-ups, specialist physicians and patients who put forward 9 innovative projects for patients and healthcare professionals. Find out the winners of this real-life challenge.

48 hours to come up with innovative e-health solutions for patients

This “Uro-Tech Challenge” hackathon organized by our Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals branch focused on exploring e-health solutions for patients with overactive bladder (OAB). This neglected disease however affects 55 million people in Europe, of whom only 9 million are receiving medical treatment (16%).

Winning projects incubated for two months

The winning projects will benefit from a two-month incubation by Pierre Fabre, accompanied by BeMyApp, an expert in the development of joint creative projects. This incubation will enable the 3 selected teams to transform their idea into a potentially operational reality and launch a start-up of their own.

Overview of the 3 selected projects:

  • No. 1 - CAPSUL PROTECT: A digital health record (NFC contactless technology), including a specific section on OAB, to share medical information in a secure manner, establish a voiding assessment and diagnosis, and provide the patient with tools to improve monitoring and compliance with treatment.
  • No. 2 - SERENITY: a smart garment (around the abdominal region) enabling the diagnosis of OAB and the reprogramming of urination by virtue of a voiding assessment carried out by direct measurement of liquid in the bladder before and after urination, based on information shared with the doctor.
  • No. 3- LUCID: a connected bracelet that collects data from the patient (number of urinations, quantity, times), provides diagnostic help to the doctor and a personalized coaching program based on sophrology via headphones to accompany and re-educate the patient on a daily basis.

A joint creative event

Pierre Fabre called upon partners to make this first edition a success: the Health Communication Festival and the French Association of Assistance to Incontinent Patients (AAPI) who shared the difficulties related to this disease with the teams.

Pierre Fabre and urology

Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals offers a wide portfolio of products covering major therapeutic areas such as neuropsychiatry, gynecology, cardiology, diabetology, pneumo-allergology and of course urology, and particularly the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB).

Promote innovation

The Uro-Tech Challenge is the 3rd hackathon organized by Pierre Fabre. It is part of the open innovation approach that permeates the Group as a whole and which is implemented by supporting promoters of innovative digital projects from health to beauty. 


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