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Recognition of our Botanical excellence

April 11, 2016

Thursday, March 31, Mr. Gérard Larcher, President of the Senate, rewarded the performance of 17 French companies committed to a certified quality approach according to the EFQM Excellence Model. Pierre Fabre was included for its Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre approach.  

Our Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre approach receives an award for its performance

Agility, leadership, development of strategies including their stakeholders, involvement of teams, and constant improvement of products and services are all key points that the senatorial delegation for business wished to promote through the certificate awarded by the President of the Senate, Mr. Gérard Larcher, to our company and 16 other French companies for their approaches recognized according to the EFQM Excellence Model.

This recognition concluded the first Journée des entreprises at the Senate, an event organized by the senatorial delegation for business on March 31, 2016 as a continuation of initiatives undertaken to encourage growth and employment in France. The end of the day, organized in partnership with the AFNOR group, comprised of sharing the factors for success observed within several successful companies, which included Pierre Fabre Laboratories.



A propos de Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre

Our company, Pierre Fabre Laboratories, has always explored and used plants as we strongly believe in their potential for health and beauty. We have implemented a unique process to contribute to the conservation of plant resources and to meet our innovation, safety, supply and quality objectives for plant-based active ingredients. This process, called Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre, is about the development of plant-based active ingredients, from the research on plants and their active substances to their cultivation, the extraction and the use of their active substances in our product formulas. Part of a virtuous circle, this development is organized around four key principles: innovate, guarantee, preserve and respect.

EFQM in brief

The EFQM Excellence Model, which is represented by the AFNOR group in France, is one of the most popular managerial tools in Europe. Useful for providing consistency to several strategic projects and injecting dynamism into the company, it is used by over 30,000 organizations with the aim of improving performance. By benchmarking, or internal or external assessments, it encourages companies to become agile structures that are better adapted to the demands of the current world economic context. With regional clubs, French and European awards, the EFQM creates a strong dynamic with companies.