Sustainable development

“Sakara”: a protected area at the heart of our Madagascan subsidiary’s domain

9 February 2018

On January 17, 2018, the Madagascan Ministry of Environment, Ecology and Forests approved the creation dossier for the “Sakara” private voluntarily protected area, located in the domain of our Madagascan subsidiary, SEAR (Société d'Exploitation Agricole de Ranopiso - Ranopiso Farming Company).

A protected area to protect biodiversity

Located in an ecological transition zone, between the humid forest on the eastern coast and the dry forest of the South, this private area of 138 hectares is home to numerous endemic plant and animal species. Our Madagascan subsidiary has proposed to the Government of Madagascar that this area of its private domain be transformed in order to preserve the site's biodiversity. This voluntary approach is a first in the country, and a unique experiment. 


Measures for raising awareness and educating about protecting the land

As part of this project, an overall action plan has been prepared to ensure proper management and assumption of responsibility for use of the land:

  • Installation of signposts and firewalls
  • Raising awareness among local communities 
  • Reinforcement of the environmental education program in the area’s schools.

Recognition of our commitments

With the creation of the Sakara protected area, the Government of Madagascar is sending a strong message acknowledging the actions of our subsidiary in support of the biodiversity upon which we depend for our local economic activity. This recognition further safeguards our plant collecting activities (in particular the tropical periwinkle) and our commitment to local communities.

A practical illustration of Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre

Protection of these 138 ha and the local biodiversity is fully in line with the missions set forth by Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre (BEPF): Innovate, Guarantee, Preserve, Respect.