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Smile for All: A second lease on life for unsold Pierre Fabre Oral Care products

21 March 2018

Unsold products account for 10% of manufactured products and generally end up being destroyed. To combat this obvious waste, Pierre Fabre Oral Care has teamed up with the young company Phenix, which recovers its unsold products and redistributes them to a network of partner associations through the “Smile for All” operation. Focus on a responsible operation that restores smiles.

Fighting against waste and giving a second life to products

Engagé dans la lutte contre le gaspillage, Pierre Fabre Oral Care a lancé l’opération « Smile for All » en 2017 en partenariat avec Phenix, une start-up qui accompagne les entreprises responsables dans une démarche d’économie circulaire en répondant à leurs problématiques de réduction de gaspillage et de valorisation des déchets.

“Smile for All” is an operation that is part of the Pierre Fabre Group’s sustainable development objectives and gives a second life to products earmarked for destruction. 100% of unsold products are now donated to associations instead of being thrown away or sent to the trash!

Unsold products account for about 10% of manufactured products. The reasons? A minor defect, obsolete packaging or the arrival of a new range are most often the causes for goods being returned to the Group’s warehouses. They include toothbrushes for adults and children, toothpaste, interdental brushes, mouthwashes… all of which are essential for good oral health. For Pierre Fabre Oral Care, these products had to be useful to people who need them.

“Smile for All,” a win-win initiative  

The partnership with Phenix is real win-win commitment! The Phenix team collects unsold products from the Pierre Fabre Group’s distribution center in Toulouse. It then stores them in its warehouses to finally redistribute them to various charity partners.


3,700 smiles restored in 2017

In 2017, with Smile for All, in addition to reducing the cost of storage and destruction estimated at €24,000, the brand benefited from a tax credit of 60% of the purchase price value of donations. The remaining 40% went to Phenix. The brand has donated 69,621 products to 10 local associations for a value of more than €22,000. A total of 3,700 smiles restored! 


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