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The association SPS launches the “Care des territoires oubliés” (Caring for forgotten areas ) program

13 April 2018

The association Soins aux Professionnels en Santé (SPS, Care for Health Care Professionals) is a group of health experts working together for a common goal: “defending the health of vulnerable health care professionals”. On March 14, 2018, it announced the creation of the “Care des territoires oubliés" (Caring for forgotten areas) project.  This initiative, expected to reach 50 “forgotten” rural partner areas, thus forming a “new French region”, aims to support rural health care professionals to improve their quality of life. 

A comprehensive program to help forgotten areas

Isolation, overwork, a sometimes harsh rural environment... According to a study conducted in 2016 (Stéthos study for SPS), 39% of health professionals living in rural areas report having had suicidal thoughts during their career because of their work. In 2019, this sad score will probably reach 50%, affecting 1 out of 2 caregivers.

In view of this disturbing finding, the association SPS, has developed the “Care des territoires oubliés" (Caring for forgotten areas) program.

The principle? “A new model of cooperation and coordination integrating optimal work sharing,” which will bring physical and virtual medical procedures and advice to these forgotten rural areas as well as the experts they have been awaiting for 10 years. Thanks to e-health and artificial intelligence”.


Objectives and means for “Care des territoires oubliés" (Caring for forgotten areas)

Through this program, SPS aims to improve the quality of life for health care professionals, to optimize their activity and care for patients by providing medical procedures and advice, expertise and monitoring, first and foremost in rural areas known as “medical deserts.”

This ambitious program aims to meet several objectives: 

  • Bring new caregivers into rural areas by improving their appeal
  • Bring new e-health technologies
  • Reorganize the regional supply of health care in partnership with different stakeholders
  • Promote the sharing of skills between health care professionals with the presence of consultant doctors alongside local colleagues
  • Cut unnecessary actions (travel, hospitalizations, etc.) by proposing the most appropriate care
  • Ensure better treatment of serious pathologies

The program is based on a community that will bring together 50 forgotten areas. These 50 recruited areas (5 per region) will have to agree to finance a part of the project and to register – by area – a certain number of seriously ill and chronically ill patients and/or disabled people in the monitoring network. This contribution from the 50 areas will create a sufficient financial fund to support driving the creativity of the 60 actors who are currently developing the platform.

A new French region?

These 50 forgotten rural areas grouped together as a community will be regarded as an easily identifiable group, a new French region, with the resources and specific administration like any other region.

 See the detailed program on the SPS website