Strategy the first website dedicated to the pathology for the general public

September 10, 2015

Infantile hemangioma is the most common benign infantile tumor. It progresses rapidly in the first weeks of an infant’s life and time is a critical factor in any treatment that may prove necessary.


88% of infantile hemangiomas are not serious and do not require consultation with a specialist regarding treatment. However, 12% of infantile hemangiomas are complex and require consultation with a specialist at an early stage to plan rapid treatment. Faced with the first signs of the pathology developing in their baby, parents sometimes have the reflex to consult a doctor but often actively perform a search on the Internet. Worried parents can sometimes spend hours reading possibly inappropriate and anxiety-provoking information.

In light of this tendency, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie decided to establish a simple website that is rich in useful information to help users understand the disease and know what must be done and who to contact.

Created with the help of dermatology professionals, the website (currently only available in French) enables users to learn about the known causes and risk factors of the disease. The various types of hemangiomas are clearly described according to their clinical appearance (superficial, deep, etc.) with supporting images. The site stresses the importance of speaking to a doctor or pediatrician in a timely manner who can then decide to seek the expert opinion of a hospital practitioner (dermatologist, pediatric dermatologist, ophthalmologist, radiologist, pediatrician etc.).

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