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Appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer

4 May 2018

Castres, 4 May 2018 - Eric Ducournau has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Pierre Fabre Group, taking over from Bertrand Parmentier who has announced his retirement. The new CEO will assume his position on the 2nd of July, 2018, to allow for a smooth hand-over between the two men.

This appointment was decided by Pierre Fabre Participations - the Group’s holding company, chaired by Pierre-Yves Revol - which is responsible for appointing its top executives. This decision was approved by the Pierre Fabre S.A. Board of Directors at its meeting today in Castres.

In his remarks, Pierre-Yves Revol recognized “Bertrand Parmentier’s immense role in meeting the challenge of continuing the Group’s international development after the death of its Founder & Chairman, while at the same time preserving its regional identity, independence, and competitiveness.” He praised “the outstanding work ethic and commitment, the human qualities, and the unfailing loyalty of a leader who has served the Group in the noblest sense of the word for more than two decades.” “In appointing Eric Ducournau as his successor,” he added, “we are once again choosing a leader from within the Group. Eric has a firm grasp of all our areas of business and perfect knowledge of company culture, and has headed our main activity for the past six years. Moreover, he has the skills and the time needed to develop and implement the strategy that will allow continued growth in Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health Care, and Dermo-Cosmetics over the next decade.”

Eric Ducournau, aged 50, has served as CEO of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics since his appointment by Mr. Pierre Fabre in October 2012, prior to which, he held positions of increasing responsibility since joining the company in 2000. After heading the President Office from 2000 to 2005, he was named Group Secretary-General from 2006 to 2011, handling duties including Group legal affairs and market access for the Pharmaceuticals branch. In 2011, he was appointed Group Deputy Managing Director, assuming the additional responsibilities of heading Quality, Regulatory Affairs, and Pharmacovigilance. In the wider world of Pharmaceuticals, Eric Ducournau, representing the Group, was one of the cofounders of G5 Santé, an association of the biggest French pharmaceutical companies, and a member of the LEEM executive committee (France’s Pharmaceuticals industry association).

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