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Pierre Fabre inaugurates the headquarters of its Consumer Health Care division at the extensively renovated Péraudel site in Castres (Tarn)

12 July 2017

Peraudel, the group’s historic site since its creation in 1962, has undergone extensive renovations, which were completed in June at a cost of €12 million.

Some 250 employees work at the site, which also hosts research & development, marketing and sales, and administrative support activities for the Pierre Fabre
Consumer Health Care division on one site.

The new 5,612 m² building has been designed to comply with High Environmental Quality standards in line with the group’s CSR policy.

Castres, July 12, 2017 - Today the Pierre Fabre group officially opened its newly and extensively renovated Péraudel site (Castres, Tarn) in front of 400 people, including Carole Delga, president of the Occitanie region, Pascal Mailhos, regional prefect, Pierre-Yves Revol, chairman of the group and Bertrand Parmentier, group CEO. This historic site, which was acquired by Mr. Pierre Fabre in 1962 when the group was created, now hosts the Consumer Health Care division, responsible for products relating to consumer health care, oral care and natural health (phytotherapy and aromatherapy).

The renovation, which required an investment of €12 million, attests to the Pierre Fabre group’s historical presence in Castres. In addition to dermo-cosmetics, dermatology, Rx pharmaceuticals and oncology, the consumer health care activity - which includes the Dexeryl, Carbolevure, Nicopatch, Drill, Eludril, Elgydium, Inava and Naturactive brands - is a strategic priority for the group, both in France where Pierre Fabre is the laboratory leader for OTC drugs sold in pharmacies, and on an international level, which represents 60% of revenues.

Regarding the renovated site at Péraudel, Pierre-Yves Revol, chairman of the Pierre Fabre group, stated “Between respecting the past and building for the future, the Péraudel site, now entirely dedicated to innovation in the field of consumer health care, reflects the group’s culture. By renovating it from its foundations to the rooftop, we wanted to send out a strong message that the future of Pierre Fabre will continue to be determined in Castres, in accordance with the mission conferred on us by its founder to ensure the harmonious interweaving of international development and regional roots.”


Regarding the Consumer Health Care activity, Bertrand Parmentier, group CEO, said: “The consumer health care market represents a priority area in our growth strategy. Drawing on the combined expertise of our Rx pharmaceuticals and dermo-cosmetics activities, the Consumer Health Care division benefits from the favorable environment generated by the steady development of self-medication, oral care and natural health. It is a market where success is largely dependent on innovation, and the deliberate bringing together of our R&D and marketing teams, previously scattered between Castres and Toulouse, on a single site will make it possible for us to accelerate the rhythm of our new product launches.

The three-story building, which dated back to the 1960s, has been entirely renovated. With a ground floor surface area of 1,750 m², it now offers a total surface area of 5,612 m² divided between offices (70%) and laboratories (30%). The historic element of the Péraudel site - a large and grand house dating back to the 19th century - has been preserved. The renovation, which started in January 2016 and was completed in June 2017, was led by the Raynal Architecture firm based in Saint-Sulpice (Tarn). The renovation work involved 26 companies, 90% of which are based in the Tarn and Haute-Garonne areas of France. Some 250 people are employed on the site, and about 20% of them work in R&D activities. Under the auspices of the Occitanie region, Fonds Européens de Développement Régional (FEDER - European Funds for Regional Development) contributes to the financing of research programs carried out at this new center.

In accordance with the Pierre Fabre group’s CSR policy, the renovation of the Péraudel site complies with environmental quality best practices. The work site was managed in such as way as to minimize any risk of pollution and to recover waste materials involved in the deconstruction and reconstruction process wherever possible. The new building was designed to optimize energy consumption (heat insulation, sun protection on all windows, etc.). Particular attention was paid to employee comfort: room acoustics, natural light, air conditioning, and pleasant collaborative workspaces...The building is undergoing certification according to High Environmental Quality standards (NF HQE™), and should obtain “Excellent” status based on the results of the two audits carried out in 2016.

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