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Pierre Fabre joins the IQ Consortium, an organization bringing together pharmaceutical and biotech companies from all over the world

2 November 2015

The IQ Consortium promotes science and technology by facilitating partnerships between its members

Pierre Fabre Médicament’s research teams seek to broaden and share their expertise


Castres (France) November 2nd, 2015 – Pierre Fabre Médicament joined the International Consortium for Innovation and Quality in Pharmaceutical Development (IQ), a scientific non-profit organization bringing together pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from around the world. The IQ Consortium aims at helping its members develop transformative therapeutic solutions by encouraging them to form scientific and technological partnerships, and build relationships with regulatory authorities.

Being a part of the IQ Consortium’s network will allow Pierre Fabre Médicament to prepare for scientific and regulatory changes in the R&D field, and to implement and shape R&D best practices, while benefitting from the experience of other members.

In keeping with this spirit of scientific excellence and cross-fertilization of ideas, Pierre Fabre’s research teams will participate in many of the Consortium’s committees, including the ones dealing with “clinical pharmacology,” “drug metabolism,” “drug safety,” “antibody-drug conjugates,” “3Rs- alternative methods,” “pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics,” and “tissue distribution imaging.”

As a member of the IQ Consortium, the Pierre Fabre Group also intends to build relationships with university and public research institutes worldwide, and to expand its international network.

We are pleased to become a member of the IQ Consortium, which brings together high-quality scientific and medical players from all over the word. The collaborative and international approach developed by the Consortium is fully consistent with the innovation model Pierre Fabre intends to promote in the coming years,” welcomed Pr. Laurent Audoly, Global Head R&D at Pierre Fabre Médicament.

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