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Pierre Fabre laboratories unveils Open Nature Library, a unique open innovation program in the world

8 December 2015

  • Sharing Pierre Fabre private plant’s collection as well as its expertise of 

    the phyto-industrial value chain ;

  • Opening to innovative partnerships.


Pierre Fabre Laboratories announced that they are launching Nature Open Library, a unique Open Innovation program that will allow them to share their expertise with industrial players and innovative projects initiators, for the research, development and industrialization of plant assets. In this context, Pierre Fabre Laboratories provide access to their private plants’ collection, one of the most important in the industry, numbering over 15.000 classified samples, including some rare species.
For over half a century, the exceptional ability to innovate from plants has allowed Pierre Fabre Laboratories to become the second dermo-cosmetic laboratory in the world and the third French pharmaceutical laboratory. As of today, 40% of its turnover derives from the therapeutic use of plants following the example of several chemotherapy treatments in oncology, based on active ingredients from the rosy Periwinkle ; dermo-cosmetics brand leaders (Klorane, René Furterer, Galénic...) ; and a broad portfolio of herbal remedies and aromatherapy products marketed under the brand  Naturactive.
Through Nature Open Library, Pierre Fabre Laboratories will help its future partners to boost their innovative process by giving them access to their interdisciplinary teams mastering the entire phyto- industrial value chain (botanists, agronomists, chemists, phyto-chemists and legal specialists on international pharmaceutical standards and regulations). This scientific and technical expertise is associated with a cutting-edge industrial tool specialized in the development and production of active pharmaceutical, cosmetical and nutraceutical ingredients derived from plants (pilot and industrial plant extraction, purification and characterization, semisynthetic , plant cell culture) .
The Nature Open Library program is not only aimed at project managers from the pharmaceutical industry - prescription medicines, consumer health products, biotechnology, animal health – but also at other sectors, including nutrition and agribusiness.
Besides this unique collection of plants and plant extracts, Nature Open Library stands as a useful tool for Pierre Fabre to share their responsible approach to the development of plant assets to environmental and social plans. Since 2010, they translated this approach in a process called Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre. This approach for responsible development of safe and effective innovative botanical active is labeled EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). Pierre Fabre especially guarantees, to its partners in innovation, the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions, populations and international regulations regarding the access to biodiversity, which apply to any business that uses plant resources (Rio Convention, Nagoya Protocol).

We are excited to share our impressive plant heritage and multidisciplinary expertise for the development and formulation of plant active ingredients with partners committed to innovative projects" stated Bertrand Parmentier, CEO of Pierre Fabre  SA.  “The  Nature  Open  Library  initiative perfectly illustrates our commitment to open innovation approaches, a major component of our innovation model.”

In order to give greater visibility to this new program, Pierre Fabre Laboratories have created an internet platform that would be used at first to collect our partners’ initial requests. Project initiators who are interested can as of now submit their innovation projects at http://nature-

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