Press release

Statement of the Pierre Fabre Laboratories following the death of their president & founder

20 July 2013

Castres, July 20th, 2013 - It is with great sadness that Pierre Fabre Laboratories and their 10 000 employees have learnt about the death of their President and Founder Mr. Pierre Fabre.
Since its creation in 1961 and until these last few days, Mr. Fabre has dedicated all his energy to building the 3rd largest French pharmaceutical company. He led, steered and masterminded all the different stages of its development and has built, stone by stone, an international company.

A real visionary entrepreneur with exceptional intuition and work ethic, Mr. Pierre Fabre, has led the company to the paths of success, with unsurpassed talent and perseverance.
He did this while never compromising with his core values: independence of the company, indestructible loyalty to his region of birth, priority given to the mid-term and continuity of the company through all the necessary investments in research and manufacturing.

He did this always keeping the well-being of his employees at the top of his mind and associating them to the capital and results of the company. He would always give priority to the quality of human relations.
He did this while remaining humble, discreet and unselfish.

To ensure the future of the company and avoid any risk of dismantling or financial speculation, he gave his shares to the Foundation Pierre Fabre, a recognized public utility.

The company is in mourning like it has never been before. All employees share with Mr. Fabre’s family and friends the immense sadness of his death.
For the time being, we would like to reflect upon his life and express our gratitude to an exceptional man who gave everything to his company.
According to his utmost wishes, the company will pursue the exciting adventure that Mr. Fabre initiated in 1961. We will soon communicate about the decisions that will be taken to make it happen in the best possible conditions and in full accordance to the values and desires of its President and Founder.

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