Sterile cosmetics



As a pioneer in dermo-cosmetics for more than 50 years, Pierre Fabre has always been ahead of its time. In close cooperation with pharmacists and dermatologists, Pierre Fabre Laboratories develop skin care products that offer the highest level of quality, safety and efficacy. They rely on a scientific approach derived from the company’s pharmaceutical culture.

In the avant-garde spirit that defines them, Pierre Fabre Laboratories designed in the 1990s the first system that allows the manufacture of sterile single-dose, single-use care products for the most demanding types of skin. This patented system is marketed by the Avène brand under the name Extreme Tolerance System (ETS).

To make the sterile products available to as many users as possible and to promote treatment observance, a new research program has been set up. It materialized in 2009 with the launch of a new generation of care products: sterile cosmetics.

An uncompromising response to the need for safety and efficacy for the most demanding types of skin

This new generation of care products, an assurance of absolute efficacy and safety for the most demanding types of skin (babies’, hypersensitive, diseased and atopic skin), is currently the only one to guarantee:

  • Products with no preservatives or preservative-like substances, containing only active substances that are absolutely essential for the skin.
  • A unique manufacturing process developed by Pierre Fabre researchers and engineers: sterilization of infusion forms as a result of sterile bulk packaging, according to current standards in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The sterility of the product throughout its use thanks to DEFI, the Exclusive Intact Formula Device, a patented packaging system. DEFI makes it possible to maintain the sterility of medicines, even after the tube is opened, with no risk of bacterial contamination during treatment.

Sterile cosmetics, a unique combination in the world of three major innovations (formulation, packaging, manufacturing), meets the needs of dermatologists and pharmacists in their search for the safest and most effective solutions for the most demanding types of skin.

Sterile cosmetics have been sold since 2009 by the Avène brand (Tolerance Extrême). Since September 2012, they are also available as part of the A-Derma brand. They will gradually be expanded to Pierre Fabre dermo-cosmetic products designed for the most demanding types of skin.





  • 1996: Development by Pierre Fabre Laboratories of the first patented system called ETS (Extreme Tolerance System) enabling the manufacture of single-dose, single-use sterile products with no preservatives or perfumes. Launch of the first line of sterile, single-dose dermo-cosmetic products, Extreme Tolerance cream and cleansing milk, by Avène Dermatological Laboratories.
  • 2009: After more than ten years of research and development, creation of a new packaging innovation, DEFI (Extreme Intact Formula Device): the first patented closure system making it possible to protect sterile medicines from all germs in a large-capacity tube; the product remains sterile throughout use, with no risk of bacterial contamination. Launch of DEFI Extreme Tolerance cream and cleansing milk by Avène Dermatological Laboratories in a 50 ml DEFI tube.
  • 2011: Launch of Pédiatril care cream for baby skins by Avène Dermatological Laboratories in a 50 ml DEFI tube.
  • 2012: Development by Pierre Fabre researchers and industrial engineers of an innovative dermo-cosmetic sterilization procedure by infusion making it possible to manufacture large quantities of products according to current standards in the pharmaceutical industry. Launch of a DEFI cream for intolerant skin and of a DEFI rich cream for intolerant skin by Avène Dermatological Laboratories, launch of DEFI Exoméga cream and balm by A-Derma Dermatological Laboratories.

2018: To facilitate the use of Sterile Cosmetics formulas and thereby promote adherence to treatment, a research program has allowed the Pierre Fabre Group to create a new sterile distribution system in the form of a pump. This new pump for Sterile Cosmetics makes it possible to offer a suitable response for sensitive, fragile, atopy-prone skin that requires daily application of a skin care product.