Supercritical Fluids


For more than 10 years, Pierre Fabre develops a unique expertise in the supercritical fluids and proposes its services to external partners.

The state-of-the-art unit consists in a Development workshop and a cGMP production workshop to :

  • help the pharmaceutical development of poorly bioavailable and insoluble APIs (BCS Class II) via its patented processes Formulplex, Formuldisp.
  • permit new formulations of API’s already marketed (Life Cycle Management) via its patented processes Formulplex, Formuldisp and Formulcoat.
  • use supercritical CO2 for different outsourcing activities in the pharmaceutical field (purification, impregnation, extraction, cleaning of medical devices..).

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Supercritical Fluids: a green technology

Definition of SC CO2

Above the critical temperature and pressure (30.7°C and 73.8 bar respectively for CO2), the boundaries between gas and liquid disappear. Beyond this critical point, the substance presents the viscosity of a gas and the density of a liquid.

CO2 is non-toxic, non-inflammable, easily available and can also be recycled. Supercritical carbon dioxide acts as a "green" solvent: after depressurization, there is no residual solvent in the medium.

A wide range of services

  • Services of development on New Chemical Entity, generic molecules, highly potent drugs with the processes (Formulcoat, Formulplex, Formuldisp) permitting coating, increasing of bioavailability or solubility.
  • Custom manufacturing with technical transfers in the area of pharmaceuticals (GMP unit).
  • Cleaning of medical device.

Numerous advantages of SC CO2

  • Solvent free process
  • Low temperature
  • No mechanical stress
  • Competitive process




Supercritical Fluids Unit

The supercritical Fluids Unit is a specific technology platform located in Gaillac (Tarn) in Southwest of France.

Since 2005, it is recognized as pharmaceutical establishment by French Health Authorities.

It consits in 2 workshops of 150 m2 each, one dedicated to development and the other to production.




A specific highly potent drug area permits also the handling of cytotoxics.