30. august 2021

Providing a comprehensive overview, the 2021 integrated report underscores the crucial role played by our corporate Purpose in our on-going Transformation plan. It is based on a unique medical and naturalness positioning, which is reflected in various Group initiatives. 
We constantly strive to showcase our business model, and this new Integrated Report highlights a specific feature of our economic model: our comprehensive approach to health care – prevent, treat, and support.

It allows us to provide a forward-looking vision of our organization, creating value for the benefit of patients, consumers, and stakeholders.

Rapport intégré Pierre Fabre 2021

Integrated report in format flipbook


This document was developed in close collaboration with several representatives from internal and external stakeholders forming the Editorial Committee. A level of involvement that attests to the relationship of trust uniting the Group and its partners.


CEO Eric DUCOURNAU @Pierre Fabre

Far from being put on hold, the Transformation Plan is at work in the highly concrete projects featured in the Integrated Report. They underline how we successfully balance financial results and non-financial performance.
After all, creating value only has any worth when it is shared by everyone.

Eric Ducournau
CEO of the Pierre Fabre Group

Vi tager vare på livet ved at udtænke og udvikle fornyende løsninger inspireret af forbrugere og patienter og bidrager til et bedre liv for alle, fra sundhed til skønhed.